Folding Arm Awnings from Modern Shade Solutions is a perfect choice if you seek an outdoor shade that is not permanent. They can also be a great alternative if you do not prefer a shade sail. They can successfully serve both residential and commercial purposes. Folding arm awnings can either be operated manually or be automated. By using a top winder or simply pushing a button, these awnings can be extended out to provide superior heat and glare protection.

Modern Shade Solutions offers a great collection of folding arm awnings. You can select whichever suits your needs or catches your eye. These include but are not limited to basic open designs, semi-cassette awnings, and completely enclosed folding arm awnings. Our folding arm awnings can be roof mounted, fascia mounted or wall mounted with customized roof brackets to provide your outdoor area with the best possible look.

They are quite sizeable with a width of 8 metres and outward projection reaching 3.5 meters depending on the model chosen. Folding arm awnings from Modern Shade Solutions are available in a wide range of beautiful fabrics such as polyesters, waterproof acrylics and breathable PVC. They can also be powder coated to match any colour.
It is important to note that folding arm awnings that are more than 3 metres in projection and 5 metres in width are best installed with remote control systems. This not only makes them easier to operate but also enables the inclusion of rain and wind sensors thus improving the overall user experience.


Sturdy arm support to withstand West Australian conditions

A wide range of stylish fabrics to select from

You can adjust the pitch as desired (5 to 55-degree angles)

Can be operated manually or automated (motorised)

Applicable for both residential and commercial environments

 You can opt to include rain covers