Roof to Fence blinds are perfect for creating shades while at the same time saving valuable space. If you want to shelter your family, pets and outdoor garden from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, the roof to fence blind is the best investment. Roof to fence blinds are basically customized versions of straight drop crank blinds.

These blinds are installed at an angle out from the patio or wall of the house. Instead of clips, small straps are fitted on the bottom rail. A breaching staple is then fitted to a perimeter fence or wall. The maximum recommended distance from the roofline to the fence is 2 metres. These blinds are fully retractable.

In addition to enjoying the shade during the summer months, you can simply roll them up in the winter months.


A wide range of fabrics that you can choose from.

Customized according to your preferences to fit well with home and business environs.

It is operated with a manual crank system.

Can reach a maximum span of 5 meters.

Exceptionally versatile.

It is retractable thus making it a better alternative to fixed structures and sails.