Shade Sails

Shade sails can be used in place of awnings or roof systems. Modern Shade Solutions designs manufactures and delivers shade sails all around Western Australia. Shade sails are especially great for all family protection from the West Australian sun. They manage to achieve this while staying stylish.

You can also employ them as a way to cover swimming pools, courtyards, and lawns. At Modern Shade Solutions, we use commercial grade knitted shade cloth manufactured in Australia. We make sure that we zero in on the best materials on the market including seatbelt webbing, nylon rope, and stainless steel fixings.

We install top quality posts that have been galvanized and powder-coated. The posts are fitted with concrete footings that have been approved by engineers as suitable for the Western Australian climate.


 They are cost effective while maintaining style.

 Constructed from commercial grade knitted shade cloth with a ten-year warranty.

A wide range of colours to choose from.

All round protection from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Applicable for both residential and commercial environments.

Complete customization options available.

Easy to take down as situations demand especially in the winter months.