Straight drop crank blinds are one of the most versatile blinds from Modern Shade Solutions. This blind is recommendable for particular installations.
Most of the time, this blind is operated using a manual crank system bearing a detachable handle. You can also opt to have these blinds motorized to. This option is for those who find it difficult to use the manual crank system or the fitment of the blind is in a difficult to reach position.

It has two types of fixing point mechanisms. The first utilizes stainless steel floor plates and straps along which you can fix the blinds. The second option involves using swivel clips on both sides of the blinds. A neat feature of the straight drop crank blinds are that they can be used as a Roof to Fence blind also.

You can achieve this by fixing it between your roof and perimeter fence as an extension of the roof line. This can be useful as protection for plants and other items in your outdoor areas. In addition, you can employ it as shade for children’s areas or cloth hanging lines.


Maximum span of 5.8 meters.

Very simple, user-friendly and functional design.

A wide range of fabrics to select from.

Increased versatility.

Optional Pelmet/Hooding.

Remote controlled or manual operation.