Ziptrak® Blinds Perth

Ziptrak blinds are the best solutions for alfresco areas and patios that you’re looking to completely enclose. Modern Shade Solutions are authorized fabricators of Ziptrak blinds. They are incredibly simple to use and are perfect for covering patios and alfresco areas. They are based on a spring tensioned system with a special bottom locking rail mechanism.

These blinds are lined with a Keder spline on one edge of the fabric. The spline runs along a 2-part track. Ziptrak blinds are most effective at spans below 5 meters but now have the avility to span 6 meters wide. If you want a blind that you can operate quite fast, this Ziptrak system is the best for you. Additionally, it offers superior protection from dust and pests.

Ziptrak blinds can be used to maintain the style and beauty of your outdoor designs, as they can appear discrete on the outside of walls and posts. They are also recommendable for use with clear and tinted PVC material. This is because they result in less stress on this kind of material.


 Special bottom rail locking mechanisms.

 Very easy to use, you just have to pull down or up to your preferred settings.

 The fabric is locked into the side channel making it fully enclosed.

 Optional top hooding.

 Can reach a maximum span of 6 meters.

 Comes with a wide range of fabrics to choose from including clear or tinted PVC.

 Can be powder coated according to your preference.

 Available for both commercial and residential application.

 Can be automated (motorised).

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